Troubleshooting steps for a hacked Hotmail account

Hotmail has now been merged into by the Microsoft. Hotmail users can still access the previous email address to get into their account and new users will have get “” in end. If you have been mistakenly locked out of your account or observing suspicious behavior then it’s a serious concern.

There can be an activity like unfamiliar emails sent from your ID or unauthorized purchases linked with your account which confirms that it has been compromised. Hotmail Repair center would like to inform you that hacking is done in ways, the hacker may change your account’s password that will take a lot of efforts to regain it back or the hacker will just use your account without changing the password. As soon as you notice the suspicious activity, do what is advised in this blog.

Change your Password:

• Sign in to your account if you can still access your Hotmail account. A quick change in the password is the easiest way to get complete control over your profile.
• Once signed in using the correct credentials, go to the gear icon in the upper right corner.
• From the menu, select “More Mail settings”. It is listed on the fourth number below the color swatches.
• A page will appear displaying many options, under the “Managing Your Account” header click “Account details” to use the language menu.
• Hit the “Change password” under the option of “Password & Security info” header.
• Password form will display on the screen. Provide your old & new password into text fields & hit the save button. Make sure you enter the new password twice to confirm it. It must contain a minimum 8 characters. To create strong one, use capital & small letters, symbols and numbers also.
• Verify the changes by signing to your account using the new password. Your contacts should know that your regained control over your profile.

There are chances that you regain access to your profile using the Microsoft Account Login page. We also suggest resetting your account’s language. If you do not have access to your account at all then you require the expert’s help. Call with Repair Hotmail Account Helpline Number +61-283206041 Australia and get the instant result-oriented resolutions. We are happy to serve via helpline number or email services.

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